Actually (I’m an avid fan of EB that’s why), I already turned my back on social media for quite sometime but something happened that made me change my mind. It’s about “That Girl!” I opened new accounts just because of her…exclusively for her. I hope somehow I will be able to let her know that I believe in her decisions, I support and will support her all the way ’cause I know that her heart is pure, her beliefs are good, her actions are fine and her talent is incredible!!!
I may not be a fan who can do any word fight with others to defend her but all I know is I can be a friend, a ┬ásister, and a mother to her. I even include her in my prayers…’cause I believe that somehow God uses her to bring happiness to others (she never fails to make me laugh everytime I see her)
Miss Maine Mendoza…thank you for making me laugh whenever I need it…thank you for being an inspiration to everyone. Bear in mind that you are loved by me (a million people like me)…Remember…you are beautiful no matter what they say, you are beautiful in every single way…Words can’t bring you down (by Cristina Aguillera). I Love You anak!!!
I hope to see you on your birthday…I just don’t know how.